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I busted my ass to get out of Iquitos early this morning, taking a taxi to Nauta with the hopes of taking a speed boat to Genarro Hererra. The boat leaves at 6am though…so I am stuck for a night in Nauta, a small town at the end of the only road going out of Iquitos. A literal dead end town.

The weird thing is that I am staying in the same hostel as the film crew and shaman from Shimbre. Shimbre is a shamanic learning center in Puerto Monelado (spelling?). It is weird because I have been looking at their site and randomly (or not) met the crew twice in Iquitos as well. The universe is telling me something.

Shimbre is a TOTALLY different shamanic center than what exists in Iquitos. The shaman says that he is decendant from the Chavin and one of 3-4 master shamans in the world. The ceremonies given are both Ayahuasca and San Pedro. What is really different is that once you drink your brew in ceremony, you go off by yourself for the journey then return to talk with the shaman. The center is also non-profit, and they are considering a donation only model. Money is truly not important for this organization. I am impressed, and will probably head down to their center early/mid-December after my time with Don Alberto.

Check out their site http://www.shimbre.org


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November 9, 2010 at 9:18 pm

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