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Jenaro Hererra

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I finally made it to Jenaro Hererra.  Finding Don Alberto was easy, I just asked the first motocar (think tuk tuk) and I was dropped on his doorsteps two minutes later.  This town is tiny, quiet and quaint in a peruvian jungle sort of way.  It is totally surrounded by jungle, has only two hostels, three restaurants, and two paved roads that are about 1 mile at best. Not a lot to do here besides drink ayahuasca, hike in the jungle, and swim in the stream.

I found Don Alberto, with the help of one of his apprentices, swimming in a stream just outside of town with his family.  Masha, a Russian/Canadian was also swimming there.  Masha is another apprentice with Don Alberto…the cutest apprentice I have ever seen.

I met Masha in Iquitos a few weeks ago while she was in town to pick up building supplies for the house she is building here in Jenaro Hererra.  I was totally impressed by the fact that she is building her own house while doing ayahuasca dietas (a strict diet of no salt/spices, no sugar, no oil, no pork.  Essentially fish, chicken and rice…and ayahuasca).  When I have done dietas I barely wanted to move, let alone build a house in the tropical heat.  I have aptly nicknamed Masha “Badass”.

I am relying on Masha to act as translator between Don Alberto and myself as my spanish is less than perfect.  Unfortunately she left for Iquitos to buy more building supplies, camalunga, and chacruna (for ceremony).  Before she left she explained to Don Alberto that I wanted to drink ayahuasca and camalunga.  The ayahuasca ceremonies are to work on the little devil that keeps popping up in ceremony and the camalunga is to help me remember my dreams (I rarely remember my dreams).  Don Alberto is totally on board, but I have to wait for her to return on Sunday before we can start.  In the meantime I am hanging out in Jenaro Hererra….in the heat….oh the heat.


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November 10, 2010 at 9:16 pm

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  1. Amazing adventures. Can you invite Haley to this blog? She would love to hear about all this.

    I can’t believe she can build a house while on that diet…


    November 10, 2010 at 9:38 pm

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