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Why Ayahuasca?

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Because Ayahusca is a significant part of my life I am fairly open about my trips to Peru,  drinking Ayahuasca and other plant medicines.  This openess prompts a couple of questions from people.  The most common are as follows:

– ‘So, aren’t you  basically taking a drug in the jungle?’  This is true from a western reductionist viewpoint.  Asprin is a drug, caffeine is a drug, Prozac is a drug, etc….The interesting thing is that we are constantly perscribed drugs in the west.  It is just that the side effects do not include hallucinations.  Instead western drug side effects include low sex drive, drowsiness, blood thinning, blood clotting, etc…  For some reason, westerners have no problem with THOSE side effects.  Western drug side effects lack the benefit of experiential learning that Ayahuasca visions provide.

There is also an assumption with the above statement that Ayahuasca, because it causes hallucinations, is a recreational drug.  This simply is not true.  Ayahuasca is taken to cure mental ailments, physical ailments, and to expand conciousness.  It is NOT an easy drug to take.  The taste often produces a gag response, there is a good chance of vomiting or diahrea, etc..  There are reasons the local drug dealer does not sell Ayahuasca.

Finally there are several studies that have shown Ayahuasca is useful in the treatment of several ailments.  These studies even indicate that Ahahuasca can be used for general mental health and physical well being.  Our western culture has simply been brainwashed  to think that ALL hallucinogens are bad or dangerous.  We have been lied to.  Wake up, read the research and think for yourself.  Links to scientific studies are at the bottom of this post.

– The other question I get is ‘Aren’t there other ways to  reach the same spiritual “goals”?’  This question/statement implies that there is something wrong with Ayahuasca.  That is fine…those people who make that statement are just projecting their spirituality onto me.  Ayahuasca is part of MY PATH.  In fact when I hear this question I don’t even engage as these people are clearly not so far down their own path.  How can someone make this statement without ANY experience or knowledge.  I am also confused by the use of the word “goals” or “place”.  WTF???


In my personal experience I have noticed several benefits.  They are as follows:

– Increased ability to “let things go”.  Percieved wrongs against me are percieved as such for only a very short time if at all.  I have learned that most of the time these wrongs are “just a story”my mind has created to feed my ego.  I recently realized political discussions are pointless and let them go.  Political discussions are a continual loop with NO ANSWER, NO TRUTH.  Political discussions are a “mind fuck”.  I am pretty sure we can find more fun ways to fuck.  Maybe you agree.

– Realization of connectedness with others, the universe, and God.  This is a pure experiential realization…words do little justice.  This realization leads to compassion and understanding for others and myself.

– Improved physical health.  After doing an Ayahuasca workshop I feel energized and focused.  I find myself more disciplined about diet, drinking/drugs, and sex.  All of which contribute to physical health.  I have also noticed that my flexibility has improved markedly post Ayahuasca as energy blockages have been cleared.

I could go on and on, but that in a nutshell is why I drink Ayahuasca.  Below are links to articles and studies on Ayahuasca.


The Power To Heal. April 26th, 2010 by fernando.

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 pcesarr@yahoo.com.br This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Psychedelic Healing? ( Preview ). Hallucinogenic drugs, which blew minds in the 1960s, soon may be used to treat mental ailments By David Jay Brown 

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