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-Why Ayahuasca is Not a “Drug”

Most people reading this blog understand that ayahuasca is not a recreational drug.  The reason I am writing this is that for a very long time I had a hard time articulating why ayahuasca is not a drug to other people who were not familiar with ayahuasca.  I would try to explain its’ medicinal benefits.  I would tell them to look at all the research online. Etc…  The response after these explanations was usually a blank stare and a response like, “So it is like mushrooms then.”  After being frustrated for a long time with this, I think I have come up with what I think is a relatively articulate way of explaining away the “drug” issue.

Recreational drugs intoxicate, and technically so does ayahuasca. This is where the similarity ends.

Recreational drugs are taken to escape daily life, pain, heartbreak, loneliness, depression, etc…

Ayahuasca is drunk to heal.  It is taken confront, deal with, accept and/or if appropriate let go of these issues.

Recreational drugs provide a temporary escape.  Recreational drugs are just masking the symptoms of the problem (pharmacuticals act in a similar manner).  As soon as the high is over, the problems return with the added bonus of a hangover, a stone-over, or withdrawal.  In fact, after the effects of a recreational drug have worn off, the problem that the person was trying to avoid may have gotten worse due to the drug usage.

Solutions and healing with ayahuasca are permanent. Ayahuasca goes to the source of the problem and straightens it out.  Realisations and healing that happen during and after an ayahuasca ceremony stick around.  In fact with ayahuasca realisations, learning, and healing continues for some time after ceremony as the medicine continues to do it’s work for days, weeks or even months.

Recreational drugs are detrimental to your health.  No one will argue that  recreational drugs affect your physical and mental health in a negative way.

Ayahuasca is good for your health.  The best source to site is the UDV (Uniao De Vegital Church) Study started back in 1993.  Essentially the ayahuasca drinkers tested equal to or better than the control group on ALL markers- physical and psychological.  In fact, participants tested much better than the control group in terms of depression, addiction, and psychosis.

N’uff said.  I hope this is helpful for some people trying to explain to others why they are drinking ayahuasca.

– Power vs. Love

There are really only two paths.  The path of power and the path of love.

The people who are attracted to power are attracted to the tools and objects that they think will bring them power.

What people on the path to power do not realise is that those tools and objects are manifestations of love.  With some of those manifestations we may have a hard time finding love, but love is still there.  Love is the source of EVERYTHING, including power.

So, to follow the path of power is actually quite limited.  It only includes those tools, objects, and power itself.  This, in the grand scheme of things, is tiny.

The path of love on the other-hand is UNLIMITED.  Love is INFINITE.  Love is the source of power.  Love is beyond power.

“No matter how far you have gone down the wrong path, it is never too late to turn back.” – quote from a forgotten Sufi.

– The White Shaman

I have to admit, when I decided to make the first trip to Peru and Blue Morpho one thing that wriggled around in the back of my mind was that Hamilton was a white guy.  I thought, “Ugh, a white shaman!?! WTF!?!?”  The fact that I knew ayahuasca was unpredictable and with The National Geographic article backing up Hamilton and Blue Morpho, I figured it was the safe way to go.  I was happy I did, as Hamilton and Blue Morpho opened up a new world and in fact a new life for me.

What is interesting is that I have come across this attitude about the ¨White Shaman” several times since then in conversations with others.  There seems to be a negative sentiment regarding this issue that appears to be wide spread.  There are a few points that I want to bring up that may change peoples perception a bit:

-Shamanism has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years.

-People that have the gift to heal and see receive this calling regardless of ethnicity.

-Culturally westerners tend to want to talk and process their experiences/feelings more than Latin Americans.  Because of this there can be a communication gap beyond just language.  The “White Shaman” has been gifted with understanding both cultures and having the ability to articulate concepts in both worlds.  He is the bridge that many people need.

Personally I think the “White Shaman” should be celebrated for their talents and work.

La Familia Medicina’s Tour Dates-

I am happy to announce that La Familia Medicina has set our first tour dates: July 16-23, 2011.  This first tour is a seed tour/friends and family tour.  We are limiting the group to 10 people. The tour is 50% full now. Here are brief details:

– 7 days, 5 ayahuasca ceremonies

– July 17-23

– 7 days, 5 ayahuasca ceremonies

– August 21-27

– Shamanic dieta available

– The tour will take place at La Familia Medicina’s jungle camp on the Aucayacu River.  30 minutes from Jenaro Hererra.  4.5-5 hours from Iquitos.

– Maestros Gumercindo and Roldan will be leading the ceremonies.  Both Maestros are curranderos, ayahuasceros, and paleros.  Maestro Gumercindo studied under Maestro Don Alberto.  Maestro Gumercindo lives in Jenaro Hererra and regularly works with Maestro Don Alberto to help with ceremonies.  Maestro Roldan (Gumercindo’s father) studied directly with Maestro Don Julio and continues to work with Maestro Don Alberto as well.

– Our philosophy is “Pura Medicina”.  We focus on Love and Light which is all God.

– The tour is all inclusive of the following:
Transportation to and from Iquitos.
Food and lodging at La Familia Medicina
24/7 Purified water
Boat excursions into the jungle areas on the Aucayacu river.
Jungle walks with a focus on learning about medicinal plants in the immediate area.
Night spearfishing (on nights without ceremony) trips available, and day fishing trips available.

Contact me at zpoitra@gmail.com for pricing.

This is a great opportunity to participate in a very small group ayahuasca tour with high quality Maestros from the Don Julio lineage.

Again this is a “seed tour”.    We will not have our web site nor payment system up until mid-June.  Until then please contact me at zpoitra@gmail.com with questions.  I will be posting pictures  and written posts regarding the camp’s progress.  At this point the camp is scheduled to be completed by June 1.


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